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for a business base that opens up the times

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    8 minutes on foot from Sendai Station West Exit in “Sendai Trust Tower”
    Private office with meeting room in high security building

    Sendai Trust Tower is landmark of Sendai city, which is well known as a highest building in Tohoku district. It provides a hotel, office and commercial facilities and located at Aoba district, as Sendai’s core business area.
    We offer a higher quality and comfortable business environment at the latest building having high convenience, functionality, and seismic performance. Our service office provides various private rooms equipped with free meeting rooms.
    Besides, Sendai city boasts the top entry rate among the cities designated by ordinance. Sendai government support starting a business and creating new business positively. As airport, bullet train, and highway are well developed, access from Tokyo and each business cities is excellent.

    • sendai_img_gallery05 Office building Landmark of Sendai city. Best height in Tohoku area.
    • sendai_img_gallery03 Entrance High grade entrance
    • Sendai serviced office image of reception-1 Receptio-1 Reception of sophisticated office. The receptionist staff is on weekdays.
    • Sendai serviced office image of reception-2 Receptio-2 Sony’s Aibo. He will welcome guests at reception.
    • AVENUE Available at multiple locations You can use the coworking area and conference room of other bases of CROSSCOOP.
    • Telephon Booth Telephon Booth Introduced TELECUBE as a telephone booth. You can use it as a completely closed work booth.
    • sendai_img_gallery004 Spacious private room space In the private room, there is enough space to put the necessary furniture in the cabinet etc. office.
    • Sendai_Room10301034_2 Private room for 1 person. Private office available from 1 person. Security is also safe.
    • sendai_img_gallery002 Private room for 3 person [Window side] We have many rooms on the window side with a nice view.
    • sendai_img_gallery06 Private room for 5 person [Window side] The room on the window side has a bright and open feeling.
    • sendai_img_gallery0006 Free Meeting room(for 8 persons) The conference room is equipped with a monitor, white board, wired and wireless LAN.(We have 2 meeting rooms for 8 persons)
    • Sendai_meetingroomD1 Free Meeting room(for 6 persons) You can use it 24 hours at any time. Several preparations are available.(We have 2 meeting rooms for 6 persons)
    • sendai_img_gallery0001 Refresh room A rest area dedicated to the tenant of the trust tower. Of course CROSS COOP members can also use it.
    • sendai_img_gallery0004 Conference room “CROSSCOOP” members can use it at special price.
    • sendai_img_gallery0005 Private room exterior / Corridor A corridor with a high sense of ceiling and a sense of cleanliness based on white. Classical music flows quietly.
    • Passage to conference room Passage to conference room 4 meeting rooms shared are prepared next to reception.
    • set up a plate of company name Company name representation plate Next to the reception, we have set up a plate of company name inscription.
    • sendai_img_gallery0007 Company Signbord There is a plate in addition to the room number. You can enter company name.
    • Sendai_Security2 Security Private rooms are locked and managed by card security.
    • sendai_img_gallery0003 Smoking Room Smoking room with security is available.
    • sendai_img_gallery02 Surroundings Established with a hotel and commercial facilities
    • South5F_ent002 Tokyo office is also available Tokyo office (Shinjuku) is also available. * It is a charge system.

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    8 min walking distance from JR Sendai station

    • 8min walk from the west exist of Sendai Station
    • 8min walk from exit 2 of Sengoku line Aoba-dori Station
    • 6min walk from the south 2 exit of Namboku-line Sendai Station
    • 8min walk from the south 1 exit of Tozai-line Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station
    Convenient rental office available within a 10 -minute walk from all of the station .
    • 〒980-0811
    • Sendai Trust Tower 10th Floor
      1-9-1 Ichibancho Aoba-ku Sendai Miyagi
    • +81-22-209-5033

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    Diverse private office

    Our office is completely private office. We have a variety of sizes from semi-closed private offices for 1 person to full private offices for 3 people, for 5 people, for 6 people, for 10 people, for 20 people, and it can be flexibly used according to the increase / decrease in the number of people using. Desk, chair, LAN, wireless WiFi as standard equipment in the office(※1) . Air conditioning can be used 24H.
    ※1 LAN / Wireless WiFi as standard equipment will be the Internet of CROSSCOOP sharing in “CROSSCOOP”.

    FREE Meeting room

    4 meeting rooms for 4 to 8 people are prepared. Available 24 H 365 days. Depending on the size of the contracting office, members of CROSSCOOP can use “free from 3 hours a day to 5 hours a day” every day(※2)。The luxury meeting room that I can not think that it can be used for free is very popular among members.
    ※2 To use the meeting room for free, it is necessary for the member to make a reservation in advance on the web on the web.

    Establish a business presence in “Sendai”, the largest city in the Tohoku area

    One and a half hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen, there are many branch offices, branch offices, and branch offices in Sendai City, the largest city in the Tohoku region. The lush green city of Sendai City, which is nicknamed the “City of Trees”, is also a business area that has long been developed by local companies as the center of Miyagi Prefecture. Among them, “CROSSCOOP Sendai” is located at Sendai Station West Exit, which is particularly popular as an office area. 
    How about the use of “CROSSCOOP Sendai” which is a good location in new establishment and satellite office?


    Each office is fully auto-locked. Also, to access the office from the rental office floor, double security is set and ” Card type authentication ” is using. It is also possible to extract “entrance log”.We also installed security cameras and further strengthen security.

    Telecube / WEB booth (free)

    We have a telecube (WEB booth) that you can use freely at any time. You can feel free to use it for a small phone call or a web conference where you can participate alone. It is also popular among members that it can be used immediately without reservation.

    Serviced office in the highest spec building in Tohoku

    The Sendai Trust Tower is a symbolic office building in Sendai. There is a CROSSCOOP Sendai in the “Sendai Trust Tower”.
    In particular, the biggest feature of the CROSSCOOP Sendai is that even though it is a high spec building, private rooms can be used by even one person.The reception is perfect for hospitality and the reception staff is available from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. There is a 24-hour meeting room. Every room is equipped with a self-locking contactless card key in the office and a surveillance camera installed for complete security. The usage period can be selected from a 3-month short-term contract, and some customers may choose a service office rather than a rental building.

    Facilities and services

    “CROSSCOOP” offers all the facilities and services you can use for free, including conference rooms that can be used 24 hours a day and receptionist support. We also have various optional services that you can use according to your needs.

    Free incidental service

    • Meeting
      24H Free
    • Address
    • High speed
    • Reception
    • Groupware
    • StandardOffice

    Paid optional service

    • Telephone
    • Telephone
    • Dedicated
      Fax Line
    • Secretarial
    • Company
    • Private
      (Fixed) IP
    • Large
    • Business

    Detailed facilities and services

    Contact by phone

    Call us for detailed information.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Sendai Serviced Office+81-22-209-5033(Reception operating hours: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Tokyo time)