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A high-grade rental office suitable
for a business base that opens up the times

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    Superb location in a popular area within 2 minutes walk from train station.
    Equipped with large seminar room and complimentary usage of meeting rooms available.

    2 minutes walk from exit 3 of Gaienmae Station along the Ginza Line and also short walking distance away from Aoyama Itchōme Station and Omotesando Station, this office location is accessible by 3 train stations and 4 routes. It is possible to use this conveniently located rental office from ¥ 80,000 per person, inclusive of complimentary usage of meeting rooms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, manned reception, furniture and utilities expenses. There is a range of options available from shared office (co-working space) to private office room of various capacities. Sophisticated and stylish Aoyama is an area where many designers, female entrepreneurs, school-based start-ups, and I.T.-, apparel-, media-related offices gather. While stylish shops and cafes, as well as general stores and office buildings line the streets, lush greenery of the outer garden of the Meiji-jingu Shrine is within walking distance away where it is perfect to walk to, to take a breather from work.

    • aoyama_01 Office entrance Spacious area at the office entrance.
    • aoyama_02 Reception area Spacious reception area gives a luxurious feel and a sense of security to your guests.
    • aoyama_03 Waiting area Spacious waiting area available at the Reception for visitors.
    • aoyama_04 Meetingroom-1 >Complimentary usage of meeting room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • aoyama_05 Meetingroom-2 Clean and comfortable meeting space.
    • aoyama_06 Meetingroom-3 The meeting room with the window has feeling of release. There is enough room for meetings of up to 10 people.
    • aoyama_07 Meeting area-1 We prepared a space that can be used for a small meeting or sudden visitor response.
    • aoyama_08 Meeting area-2 The glass-enclosed meeting room of modern design has a feeling of liberation.
    • aoyama_08 10-12pax Private room An office space with a sense of cleanliness. Completely private room. 28.1 square meters.
    • aoyama_img_gallery05 2pax Private room Every private room, big or small, are loackable for security purpose.
    • aoyama_img_gallery06 3pax Private room Every user is allocated with a room key.
    • aoyama_img_gallery07 5pax Private room Flexibility to upgrade to bigger room if the number of office users increase.
    • aoyama_img_gallery08 1pax Private room Private office for 1 person on the window side.
    • aoyama_img_gallery09 1pax Private room ② Private office for 1 person with lock.
    • aoyama_img_gallery15 Conference room (large) Large Conference Room that can accommodate maximum of 54 people available. Special rates available to in-house clients.
    • aoyama_img_gallery16 Conference room (small) Conference room that can accommodate maximum of 18 people available. Optional services are available for in-house clients.
    • aoyama_img_gallery10 Security door All entrances are installed with security devices.
    • aoyama_img_gallery14 Post-receiving service Our clients are entitled to complimentary post-receiving service.
    • aoyama_img_gallery17 Office Building Office building is excellently located within 2-minute walk from Gaienmae Station and also within walking distance from Omotesando and Aoyama Itchome.
    • aoyama_img_gallery18 Surrounding environment Office is surrounded by a number of restaurants and sports facilities.

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    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    “Gaienmae” 2 minutes from the station Exit “2” or “3”

    • “Gaiemmae Station” 2-minute walk
    • “Aoyama Itchome station” 9-minute walk
    • “Omotesando station” 11-minute walk
    If you exit” 2 “or” 3 ” of “Gaiemmae Station” CROSSCOOP Aoyama office is just 2-minutes away by walk, not only that Tokyo Metro Ginza Line “Gaiemmae Station”, and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon.Ginza line / Toei Oedo Line “Aoyama Itchome Station” of the other, Chiyoda-Hanzomon “Omotesando Station” is also within walking distance.
    • 〒107-0061
    • Landwork Aoyama Building 2Fl,5Fl,9Fl 2-7-26 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo Japan ( MAP ) 2Fl,4Fl,5Fl,9Fl 2-7-26 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo Japan
    • +81-50-6861-2909

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    Diverse private office

    Our office is completely private office. We have a variety of sizes from semi-closed private offices for 1 person to full private offices for 3 people, for 5 people, for 6 people, for 10 people, for 20 people, and it can be flexibly used according to the increase / decrease in the number of people using. Desk, chair, LAN, wireless WiFi as standard equipment in the office(※1) . Air conditioning can be used 24H.
    ※1 LAN / Wireless WiFi as standard equipment will be the Internet of CROSSCOOP sharing in “CROSSCOOP”.

    FREE Meeting room

    7 meeting rooms for 4 to 10 people are prepared. Available 24 H 365 days. Depending on the size of the contracting office, members of CROSSCOOP can use “free from 3 hours a day to 5 hours a day” every day(※2)。The luxury meeting room that I can not think that it can be used for free is very popular among members.
    ※2 To use the meeting room for free, it is necessary for the member to make a reservation in advance on the web on the web.

    Aoyama / Gaienmae Area

    The sophisticated and fashionable city of “Aoyama” attracts many designers, female entrepreneurs, and school companies, as well as IT, apparel, and media related offices. While fashionable shops, cafes, general stores, and office buildings are lined up side by side, ginkgo trees and the green Meiji Jingu Gaien are also within walking distance, making it an ideal place to take a walk as a break between your work.


    The office is fully equipped with security. Security cameras are also installed to further enhance security.

    Facilities and services

    “CROSSCOOP” offers all the facilities and services you can use for free, including conference rooms that can be used 24 hours a day and receptionist support. We also have various optional services that you can use according to your needs.

    Free incidental service

    • Meeting
      24H Free
    • Address
    • High speed
    • Reception
    • Groupware
    • StandardOffice

    Paid optional service

    • Telephone
    • Telephone
    • Dedicated
      Fax Line
    • Secretarial
    • Company
    • Private
      (Fixed) IP
    • Business

    Detailed facilities and services

    Contact by phone

    Call us for detailed information.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Aoyama Serviced Office+81-3-5785-6818(Reception operating hours: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Tokyo time)