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    5F-floormap Shinjuku South for New floor.

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    The price includes the following items
    • Furniture Desk, chair
    • Internet wired and Wi-Fi
    • Reception service receive customer
      response and postal items
    • Meeting room There are several rooms
    • Water and air conditioning fee 24 hours, 365 days available
    Internet line / telephone line can be pulled into your room yourself.

    Basic Price List

    Capacity Number of users Monthly charge Availability Room Photo
    Private office (5-7 pax)
    14㎡[Window side]
    10 menber
    → Ask the plice
    【Special Offer】
    Private office (5-7 pax) Conference room Office building
    Private office (5 pax)
    10 member
    Private office (5 pax) 会議室 テレキューブ(web会議用施設)
    Private office (12 pax)
    24 member
    → Ask the plice
    【Special Offer】
    Private office (12 pax) Conference room Telecube
    • Size, price range can be used as a guide to help you in your reference. We will give you a detailed price list when we receive your inquiry.
    • Administrative fees will be incurred upon contract signing.
    • The number of people that can be registered includes the free number of people for remote membership. 

    Serviced office plans

      Monthly charge Common service fee Availability
    Private office
    – Including use of MeetingRoom & Remote membership –
    Available from 1 people
    Free membership registration up to
    twice the number of people
    Virtual office ¥20,000
    • Administrative fees will be incurred upon contract signing.
    • The time limit of the meeting room that can be used per day varies depending on the contracted room. (Free use for 3-5 hours a day)
    • Initial cost of virtual office is ¥30,000.

    Short-term contract plan

    You may sign contract for an office from a minimum of 3 month.

      Private Office
    Including MeetingRoom
    Private Office
    Including MeetingRoom&
    CoWorking area
    Virtual Office
    Short-term contract plan
    • Our staff will always be there to assist you. We welcome you for office viewing.

    Options Price List

    Setup fee Monthly charge Others Private
    Telephone line ¥4,800 ¥4,800 You can use the “03” phone number
    Phone answering
    (Private office)
    ¥5,000 ¥5,000/~50call 51call~:¥100/call
    Phone answering
    (Virtual office)
    ¥8,000 ¥8,000/~30call 31call~:¥200/call
    Tea serving ¥5,000/~20cup 21cup~:¥250/cup
    Company Signboard
    at Reception(Private office)
    ¥25,000 ¥2,500
    Company Signboard
    at Reception(Virtual office)
    ¥30,000 ¥3,000
    Company Signboard
    at Private office
    Office room partition removal/installation
    (Room size can be changed)
    ¥180,000~ When moving out, there may be a cost to restore the original condition
    MFP Carry-on fee ¥2,000
    Mail arrival notice(E-mail) ¥6,000 ¥6,000
    Mail transfer ¥3,000 ¥3,000 Free
    Meeting room
    (4-10 pax)
    Charge for the virtual office
    Printing charge(Color) ¥2,000※1 ¥40/sheet ※2
    Printing charge(Black) ¥2,000※1 ¥8/sheet ※2
    FAX transmission charge ¥2,000※1 ¥8/sheet ※2
    Seminar Room
    (54 pax)
    • ※1In the case of color and black-and-white printing , FAX , you can apply for MFP Card which will cost ¥2,000.
    • ※2In the case of virtual office the client can ask for prinout at the reception.
    • ※3We have special Seminar Room prices for our tenants .