STEP 1Office Viewing Appointment

Online submission for your preferred office viewing time via our website

Schedule your appointment from here!

Phone booking To schedule your appointment via phone, kindly contact your preferred branch directly Feel free to contact all our branches in English or Japanese

For Phone Booking
  • ・Shimbashi Office +81-(0)3-5157-1070
  • ・Shibuya Office +81-(0)3-6778-2800
  • ・Shinjuku South +81-(0)3-5361-8660
  • ・Shinjuku Avenue +81-(0)3-5363-5266
  • ・Roppongi Office +81-(0)3-5414-7965
  • ・Aoyama Office +81-(0)3-5785-6818
  • ・Sendai Office +81-(0)22-209-5033

STEP 2Office Viewing Confirmation

Our staff will contact you for confirmation upon receiving your office viewing request.

During your visit, our staff will guide you throughout the viewing session and you can feel free to ask them for further clarification.

STEP 3Application Process

If you decide to rent our office space, kindly provide us following documents.

Below listed documents are required for tenancy contract with Tokyo premise (Shinjuku/ Roppongi/ Aoyama)
Please bring these requested documents to your selected premise. (or you may send it through mail or fax.)
※Required documents for tenancy contract is different in our branches overseas. The person-in-charge of each branch will provide further information.

Required documents list

Documents Details Company Individual DL
Application form Will be provided upon office viewing, please fill in all the required details.
Official Registered Corporate Profile※1 For corporate clients only.
Company Seal Certificate※1 Company seal for corporate clients. Personal seal for individual clients.
Company Profile Pre-existing document is also acceptable. (Sample format is downloadable) DOC
Business Details No fixed format. (Sample format is downloadable) DOC
Identity Cards with Photo Driving license, passport, etc.
Curriculum Vitae For individual clients only, not for corporate clients.
Guarantor’s Undertaking Deed※2 Please also include the guarantor’s personal seal on the letter. PDF
  • ※1 Please submit your latest official registered corporate profile and company seal certificate. These two documents must be issued within 3 months from application date.
  • ※2 You may choose to have a guarantor or place a deposit (2 months rental fee).
    [Deposit is refundable upon contract termination]

STEP 4Reviewing Process

Submitted documents will take 3 to 4 days for review.

Please be informed that incomplete document submission is not acceptable.
The review result will be informed through mail.

STEP 5Tenancy Contract (Membership Fee)

Contract will be established after reviewing process is finalized and accepting our terms.

Invoice for Membership fee will be issued upon contract signing, please make payment before the due date.

STEP 6Get Ready to Use Our Office Space

Our staff will conduct orientation and hand the security cards and other necessities over to you.

After that, you are ready to use our office.