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    fukuoka-floor map
    The price includes the following items
    • FurnitureDesk, chair
    • Internetwired and Wi-Fi
    • Reception servicereceive customer、response and postal items
    • Meeting room There are several roomsbr
      24/7 available
    • Water and air
      conditioning fee It is included in the rent
    • LoungeNo restriction on use

    Internet line / telephone line
    can be pulled into your room yourself.

    Basic Price List

    Capacity Number of users Monthly charge
    Common service fee included
    Availability Room Photo
    Private office (12 pax)
    24 member
    【Special Offer】
    Private office (12 pax) Reception Co-working & Web-meeting
    Private office (20 pax)
    40 member
    【Special Offer】
    20 pax Seminar-room Meetingroom
    Private office (25 pax)
    50 member
    Ask the plice 【Special Offer】
    25 pax Seminar-room Meetingroom
    Private office (80 pax)
    160 member
    Ask the plice 【Special Offer】
    Private office (80 pax) Coworking space Lounge
    Private office (132 pax)
    264 member
    Ask the plice 【Special Offer】
    Private office (80 pax image) Coworking space Lounge
    • Size and price range may be used as a reference guide to help you in your cost estimation. We will give you a detailed price list upon receiving your inquiry.
    • Administrative fees will be incurred upon contract signing.
    • The number of people that can be registered includes the free number of people for remote membership.

    Serviced office plans

      Monthly charge Common service fee Reamote
    MeetingRoom 他拠点
    Lounge Other bases
    Rental office private room plan
    (Private room + meeting room + remote membership
    Available from 7 people
    Varies for each private room

    Free registration up to twice the capacity of a private room(※)
    There is a free frame Weekdays 9-18 o’clock 24/7 free Weekdays 9-18 o’clock
    Virtual office
    • For each type, an administrative fee will be charged at the time of contract.
    • The time limit for meeting rooms varies depending on the room you have a contract with. (Available for free for 2 to 5 hours a day)
    • There is no “Virtual Office Plan” in the Fukuoka office.

    Short-term contract plan

    You may sign contract for an office from a minimum of 3 month.

      Private Office Including MeetingRoom &Remote membership Virtual Office
    Short-term contract plan
    • Our staff will always be there to assist you. We welcome you for office viewing.

    Options Price List

    Setup fee Monthly charge Others
    Tea serving ¥5,000/~20cup 21cup~:¥250/cup
    Company Signboard
    at Reception
    ¥30,000 ¥5,000
    Company Signboard
    at Private office
    Office room partition removal/installation
    (Room size can be changed)
    ¥180,000~ When moving out, there may be a cost to restore the original condition
    Office camera can be installed
    (Partner company introduction)
    ¥100,000~ ¥3,000~ When moving out, there may be a cost to restore the original condition
    MFP Carry-on fee ¥2,000
    Mail arrival notice(E-mail) ¥6,000 ¥6,000
    Mail transfer ¥3,000 ¥3,000
    Entrance information log data ¥5,000 It is a service to send log information of
    entering the room by e-mail every month.
    Meeting room
    (10 pax)
    Free: Free for 2 to 5 hours a day
    Charge: Free time over can be used for ¥4,000 / h
    Printing charge(Color) ¥2,000※1 ¥40/sheet
    Printing charge(Black) ¥2,000※1 ¥8/sheet
    FAX transmission charge ¥2,000※1 ¥8/sheet
    Seminar Room
    (50 pax)
    • ※1In the case of color and black-and-white printing , FAX , you can apply for MFP Card which will cost ¥2,000.
    • ※2We have special Seminar Room prices for our tenants .