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    Serviced Office Overview

    Serviced office type 3 types of office space for rent: Private Office from 1-10 pax capacity, Shared Office and Virtual Office (User’s identification documents are required)
    Accessibility 24/7
    Reception operating hours Monday – Friday (weekdays) 9:00~18:00 hr
    Air-Con operating hours Weekdays 8:30 to 18:00 hr; Saturday 8:30~13:00 hr

    Rental price

      Setup fee Monthly charge
    Virtual office S$350 S$350
    Shared office-Free seating S$700 S$700
    Shared office-Fixed seating S$1200 S$1200
    Private office (1 pax)
    Private office (2 pax) S$1500 S$1500
    Private office (3 pax) S$1900 S$1900
    Private office (4 pax) S$2900 S$2900
    Private office (5 pax) S$3000 S$3000
    Private office (6 pax) S$3400 S$3400
    Private office (7 pax) S$5200 S$5200
    Private office (8 pax)
    Private office (9 pax)
    Private office (10 pax) S$7000 S$7000

    Options Price List

      Setup fee Monthly charge Others VO Free seat Fixed Seat Private Office
    Internet   S$100/room  
    Telephone line   S$150  
    PHS rental   S$100  
    eFax line   S$80  
    Personal multifunctional printer S$1000 Installation cost will be separately charged
    With conditions
    Printing costs     B & W S$0.20

    Color S$1.50
    Security Locker   Large S$80, Small S$30  
    Call-answering service   S$150  
    Office Anywhere service   S$500  
    • More optional services are available, please feel free to check with us.