YOKOHAMAServiced Office

Kanagawa, Japan

A high-grade rental office suitable for a business base that opens up the times


    Vacancy information


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      The price includes the following items
      • FurnitureDesk, chair
      • Internetwired and Wi-Fi
      • Reception servicereceive customer、response and postal items
      • Meeting room There are several rooms
        24/7 available
      • Water and air conditioning fee It is included in the rent
      • Lounge No restriction on use
      • Cleaning fee included Every morning on weekdays
      Internet line / telephone line can be pulled into your room yourself.

      Basic Price List

      Capacity Number of users Monthly charge Availability Room Photo
      Private office (10 pax)
      20 member
      → Ask the plice
      【Specai Offer】
      Private office (10 pax) Cafe area Seminarroom
      Private office (16 pax)
      32 member
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      【Specai Offer】
      Private office (16 pax) Conference room Office building
      Private office (20 pax)
      40 member
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      【Specai Offer】
      Private office (20 pax) Conference room Office building
      Private office (70 pax)
      140 member
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      【Specai Offer】
      Private office (70 pax) CoWorking area Reception
      Private office (130 pax)
      260 member
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      【Specai Offer】
      Private office (130 pax) Lounge area Cafe area
      • Size and price range may be used as a reference guide to help you in your cost estimation. We will give you a detailed price list upon receiving your inquiry.
      • Administrative fees will be incurred upon contract signing.
      • The number of people that can be registered includes the free number of people for remote membership.

      Serviced office plans

        Monthly charge Common service fee Availability
      Private office
      - Including use of MeetingRoom -
      - -
      Private office
      - Including use of MeetingRoom & CoWorking area -
      Available from 5 people
      Available from 5 people
      Virtual office - -
      • Administrative fees will be incurred upon contract signing.
      • The time limit of the meeting room that can be used per day varies depending on the contracted room. (Free use for 2-5 hours a day)
      • Yokohama office does not have virtual office plans.

      Short-term contract plan

      You may sign contract for an office from a minimum of 3 month.

        Private Office
      Including MeetingRoom
      Private Office
      Including MeetingRoom&
      CoWorking area
      Virtual Office
      Short-term contract plan
      • Our staff will always be there to assist you. We welcome you for office viewing.

      Options Price List

      Setup fee Monthly charge Others
      FAX line ¥20,000 ¥4,800 You can use the "03" phone number.
      Please prepare fax machine by customer
      Telephone line(Fixed TEL)
      With transfer and answering machine
      ¥4,800 ¥4,800 You can use the "03" phone number
      Telephone line(APP)
      Make and receive calls on your smartphone
      ¥4,800 ¥4,800 You can use the "03" phone number
      Tea serving - ¥5,000/~20cup 21cup~:¥250/cup
      Company Signboard
      at Reception
      ¥30,000 ¥5,000 -
      Company Signboard
      at Private office
      ¥22,000 - -
      Office room partition removal/installation
      (Room size can be changed)
      ¥180,000~ - When moving out, there may be a cost to restore the original condition
      MFP Carry-on fee ¥2,000 - -
      Mail arrival notice(E-mail) ¥6,000 ¥6,000 -
      Mail transfer ¥3,000 ¥3,000 -
      Entrance information log data - ¥5,000 It is a service to send log information of
      entering the room by e-mail every month.
      Meeting room
      (10 pax)
      - - Free: Free for 2 to 5 hours a day
      Charge: Free time over can be used for ¥4,000 / h
      Printing charge(Color) ¥2,000※1 - ¥40/sheet
      Printing charge(Black) ¥2,000※1 - ¥8/sheet
      FAX transmission charge ¥2,000※1 - ¥8/sheet
      Seminar Room
      (54 pax)
      - - ¥12,000~/h※2
      • ※1In the case of color and black-and-white printing , FAX , you can apply for MFP Card which will cost ¥2,000.
      • ※2We have special Seminar Room prices for our tenants .

      High-grade office where you can feel the sea breeze

      • オフィスビル外観 Office building exterior It is a landmark facility in Yokohama that is adjacent to a high-grade building near Yokohama Station and a shopping area.
      • ビルエントランス Building entrance A dignified and clean building entrance.
      • 横浜レセプション Reception This is the reception desk of the office that welcomes customers.
      • 会議室 Meeting room We have several meeting rooms that can be used 24/7. Equipped with monitor and wired / wireless LAN.
      • 横浜ラウンジエリア Lounge Available 24/7. There is a telephone and video chat booth.
      • カフェスペース Cafe Space We serve coffee.
      • コワーキングエリア Co-Working Area Space to use when working intensively.
      • セミナールーム Seminar Room For 54 people (residents can use it at a special price)
      • 10名用執務室 Private Office(10pax) There is security for face recognition. We have a large room even if it is expanded due to an increase in the number of staff.You can move your room.
      • 16名用執務室 Private Office(16pax) There is security for face recognition. We have a large room even if it is expanded due to an increase in the number of staff.You can move your room.
      • 50名用執務室 Private Office(50pax) A bright and open room.
      • 100名用執務室 Private Office(100pax) We also have a scale of 100 people. We have a large room even if it is expanded due to an increase in the number of staff.
      Office decentralization / remote work for employees

      Remote membership

      • Member addition service that allows free registration up to twice the capacity of contracted private rooms
      • You can use the lounges at all bases

      Remote membership is a service that allows you to add members. With ” CROSSCOOP “, registration is free up to twice the capacity of contracted private rooms. If you wish to register as a member more than twice, you can register for a fee. Members can use the lounges of all bases. We have prepared a menu that can be used flexibly for companies considering decentralized offices and remote work.

      Recommended for companies like this

      • Some employees carry out telework and remote work
      • Considering shrinking the head office
      • Companies looking for a space that can be used outside the head office


      Good location 3 minutes from “Yokohama” station

      • 3 minutes walk from East Exit A of “Yokohama” station
      JR lines, Keikyu line, Tokyu Toyoko line / Minatomirai line, Sotetsu line, Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line Yokohama Station Kita East Exit A, 3 minutes walk by Bay Quarter Walk.
      If you are using a car, please use the underground parking lot of the building.
      • 〒221-0056
      • Yokohama Diamond Building 10F, 1-7 Kinkocho,
        Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
      • +81-50-6861-2909

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      レンタルオフィス クロスコープ横浜 アクセスマップ

      Completely private office

      We have a completely private office. Available for 5 people, 10 people, 16 people, 20 people, 25 people, 30 people, 60 people, and up to 100 people, flexibly according to the increase or decrease in the number of users. You can use it. Desk, chair, LAN, and wireless WiFi are standard equipment in the office (※ 1). Air conditioning is available for 24 hours.
      ※ 1 Standard LAN / wireless WiFi is shared on the CROSSCOOP building.

      FREE Meeting room

      4 meeting rooms for 10 people are prepared. Available 24 H 365 days. Depending on the size of the contracting office, members of CROSSCOOP can use “free from 3 hours a day to 5 hours a day” every day(※2). The luxury meeting room that I can not think that it can be used for free is very popular among members.
      ※2 To use the meeting room for free, it is necessary for the member to make a reservation in advance on the web on the web.

      Cafe · Lounge · Co-working Area

      We have set up a cafe space where you can take a break. We offer coffee and latte. We also have a lounge and coworking area that you can use whenever you want. The area is divided according to the purpose, so you can use it freely for “meetings”, “change of mood”, and “when you want to concentrate alone”. Security is also safe as the use is limited to companies that have contracted for private rooms. You can also use the app to connect with all residents of CROSSCOOP in Japan and overseas.

      Seminar room

      There is a seminar room with a capacity of 54 people. Equipped with monitor, projector, whiteboard and microphone set. Both are bright and open in the seminar room with large windows. CROSSCOOP members can use it at a special price.


      Each office is fully auto-locked. In addition, double security is provided for access to the office from the rental office floor, and a “face recognition” system is used. “Entry / exit log” can be extracted as an option. Security cameras have also been installed to further enhance security.

      Facilities and services

      ” CROSSCOOP ” is equipped with facilities and services that can be used free of charge, such as a 24-hour meeting room and reception desk. In addition, we also offer various optional services that you can use according to your needs.

      Free incidental service

      • Meeting
        24H Free
      • Address
      • High speed
      • Reception
      • Groupware
      • StandardOffice

      Paid optional service

      • Telephone
      • Telephone
      • Dedicated
        Fax Line
      • Secretarial
      • Company
      • Large
      • Business

      Detailed facilities and services

      High-spec equipment suitable for future work styles (telework / remote work)

      The “Yokohama Diamond Building” with “CROSSCOOP Yokohama” meets the requirements of the landmarks and offices that represent the east exit area of Yokohama Station at a high level.


      Advanced equipment for a comfortable business environment

      For daylighting, which is indispensable for a comfortable business environment, we have introduced an automatic dimming system that controls the brightness and power consumption with a daylight sensor at a ceiling height of 2900 mm with a feeling of openness, and the inclination of the sun with a sunlight tracking sensor. It is equipped with an automatically controlled blind that automatically adjusts the angle of the blind according to the light. Regarding room temperature control, Low-E double glazing that reduces the heating and cooling load is used to suppress the rise in indoor temperature in summer and to exert a heat insulating effect in winter. In addition, we have adopted an air barrier method that creates an air flow by blowing air from the bottom of the window and sucking air from the brand box, creating an air barrier along the window glass. It is possible to work in a state-of-the-art ventilation system.

      横浜設備 構造

      High-level BCP-related equipment

      A central monitoring room where equipment engineers monitor equipment and a disaster prevention center where 24-hour security guards are stationed are set up, and a system is in place to constantly respond to risks. With regard to electric power, we have built a highly reliable 3-line spot network and are equipped with 72-hour emergency power generation to support business continuity even in the event of a power outage. At the top of the building, an active mass damper is installed to instantly calculate the force to cancel the shaking of the building with a computer and move the weight with a vibration device to control the vibration. It enhances habitability against wind sway and small earthquakes. In addition, vibration control places that resist horizontal forces caused by earthquakes and effectively absorb seismic energy, and vibration control walls that act as damping elements during earthquakes and strong winds are installed in the core of the building, which is high. Seismic performance is realized.

      横浜設備 建材一体型太陽光パネル

      Consideration for the environment led by innovation

      Japan’s largest integrated solar panel with building materials is installed on the outer wall surface on the Yokohama Station side to use natural energy. In addition, the heat load on the building is reduced by automatic control blinds using a solar automatic tracking sensor and lighting control using a daylight sensor. In addition, on / off of air conditioning, high-efficiency individual air conditioning system that can set temperature / air volume setting for each zone, toilet water purification system using rainwater, Low-E double glazing that enhances heat insulation, lighting sensor / human sensor Due to various advanced environmental considerations such as a mechanism to minimize lighting energy, the Yokohama Diamond Building with “CROSSCOOP Yokohama” has “service performance”, “outdoor environment”, “outside environment”, and “resources”. We have obtained the highest evaluation “S rank” in the “CASBEE Yokohama certification system” that ranks the environmental performance of buildings based on the six indicators of “material”, “energy”, and “indoor environment”.

      Yokohama has a different charm from Tokyo as a business base

      横浜駅 東口エリア

      Yokohama Station is one of Japan’s leading terminals, with more than 400,000 passengers a day. 6 JR lines, 5 private railway / municipal subway lines, and many bus lines are also available. In addition to the many entrances to the Metropolitan Expressway, access to Narita Airport is secured by Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) and Narita Express, so it boasts the highest level of urban functions in terms of transportation convenience.
      In recent years, the east exit area “Portside District” where “CROSSCOOP Yokohama” is located has been attracting attention as a new face of Yokohama, and the adjacent Yokohama Bay Quarter has nearly 100 stores such as apparel stores and interior shops on the first floor. There is also a sea bus stop for sightseeing that allows you to easily travel to Chinatown, Motomachi and Minatomirai. It is being developed as an “art and design city”, and various public arts are exhibited in the common areas and entrances of the buildings lined up, and you can feel the art such as Portside Park where the gentle slope of the lawn is beautiful. The environment has been created. It has a different charm from the office area in Tokyo, where you can work on your business while feeling the sea breeze.

      Contact by phone

      Call us for detailed information.
      Please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Yokohama Serviced Office+81-50-6861-2909( Reception operating hours: Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Tokyo time )